What Dr. Hibbitts does in her study is to elevate the meaning of hair as a relevant issue of discussion in understanding the dynamics of African-American people, especially women. Furthermore, her inquiry adds depth to understanding the intricacies of assimilation and acculturation for African-American people. It is commonly known that minority populations, on contact with the dominant society have a number of options, but primarily assimilation and acculturation are the variations most attempted. In the abstract, assimilation is a rather harmless process, but in reality, it can be difficult and painful.

- Terry Jones, Ph. D.

Retired Department Chair of Social Work

Cal State Hayward/ Eastbay

“ Black Hair has always been associated with negativity within the social constructs for African American and Multi-racial women throughout “Herstory.” This negative association and perception of our hair begins from birth and remains throughout adult life.

Hair is still the only physical characteristic that clearly demonstrates the "one-drop rule" and the presence of African ancestry within bi/multi-racial heritage.


Danielle "Dr. Danii" Hibbitts

M.A, M.S, Psy. D

Clinical & Forensic Psychologist​

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